This one-hour webinar will explore how businesses across the country are embracing the unstoppable rise of electric vehicles to reduce emissions, incentivise employees and cut costs.

We are entering a new era of mobility. The UK Government has pledged to ban the sale of traditionally-fuelled vehicles from 2040, whilst setting aside £1bn for the development of ultra-low-emission vehicles and £100m to support more electric vehicle charging infrastructure. As a result, it is estimated that the number of electric vehicles on Britain’s roads could surge to nine million by 2030.

Of course, this electric vehicle revolution will not be without its challenges. For one, electric vehicles have been forecast to add almost 18GW of new power demand to the grid – the equivalent of six Hinkley Point C nuclear power stations – posing a huge challenge for network operators. And practically, the limitations of driving ranges and charging times are preventing many businesses from being able to adopt all-electric fleets.

But behind every challenge lies an opportunity. Rapid technological advancements and huge infrastructure investments are paving the way for businesses to drive ahead with fleet electrification programmes quicker than ever before.

Combining expert insight with real-experience case studies, this edie webinar will explore how you can reap the maximum benefits from the electric vehicle transition.

Key discussion points:

  • Making the electric vehicle transition: key considerations
  • Maximising results through improved vehicle workloads and optimised charging systems
  • Realising the hidden benefits of fleet electrification

Introduction and chair:


Matt Mace

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Matt is the senior reporter for, covering the latest green business news, features & reports for sustainability and resource efficiency professionals.



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