What does successful energy management look like? Of course, most businesses could use a lot less energy - even low-level actions can usually produce quick returns and significantly reduce costs. But, against the perfect storm of rising energy costs, budgetary constraints and an ever-changing green policy landscape, the energy management role has become a highly complex and diverse one for organisations large and small.

This free-to-attend webinar will explore the various challenges and opportunities behind effective energy management. From setting ambitious goals and identifying the biggest wins through to changing behaviours, driving innovation and rolling out projects across multiple sites - registrants will be provided with an exclusive, end-to-end overview of successful energy efficiency projects.

Is your focus on delivering cost savings, reducing carbon footprints or ramping up security of supply? What is the best energy efficiency option for you, based on your organisation’s overarching sustainability strategy? And how do you convince the relevant people within the business that investing in energy reduction now will bring significant financial and environmental rewards in the future?

Using some award-winning best practice examples from the experts that have mapped out and delivered successful energy efficiency projects, this hour-long webinar will answer all of the key questions to help you formulate a comprehensive plan to reduce consumption, increase efficiencies and ultimately benefit the bottom-line.

Presenters Include

Luke Nicholls

Editor, edie.net

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Luke is the editor of edie.net, covering the latest green business news, features & reports for sustainability and resource efficiency professionals.

Oliver Rosevear

Energy & Environment Manager, Costa

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Oliver Rosevear is Energy and Environment Manager for Costa Coffee the UK's largest Coffee shop chain with over 3,000 stores across 31 countries and 5,000 Costa Express machines serving coffee from one of the world’s most environmentally focused Roastery ‘s. Ollie is responsible for developing and delivering the environmental strategy ensuring the brand continues to deliver on its environmental commitments to reduce energy, waste water and resources across all business units. Since 2009 costa has reduced its energy usage by 38%. Its Roastery was one of the first sites in the UK to be accredited to ISO50001 after saving 32% on energy used to roast is famous Mocha Italia blend. In 2015, Costa developed its Award winning Zero Energy Retail Pod “EcoPod” which looked to change the way landlords work with retailers for a more sustainable future.

Phil Gilbert

Director of Customer Solutions, E.ON Energy

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Phil Gilbert is Director of Customer Solutions at E.ON Energy. With 15 years of experience in the energy industry, Phil leads his team in offering businesses expert advice and a wide range of solutions and technologies. These are designed to help businesses, both large and small, improve their competitive performance and profit from efficiency.

Phil is passionate about driving new growth and business development. He is able to draw on a wealth of experience in the energy industry from his past roles, including working in trading, renewables, new technology, Combined Heat and Power and biomass, to show businesses that E.ON do more for them than just supply energy.

Claire Whitely

Energy and Environment Manager, EMEA, Hilton Worldwide

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Claire has been with Hilton Worldwide for nearly five years and is behind various initiatives under the Environment pillar of Travel with Purpose, including the global environmental engagement campaign and the water stewardship working group with WWF. She is also responsible for supporting all managed EMEA hotels in sustainability reporting through LightStay, legislative compliance and training as well as energy and water reduction best practices.

Alongside her environmental focus, Claire has been supporting the Corporate Responsibility team in the broader implementation of Travel with Purpose in the region.

Claire holds a Masters of Science in Environmental Management from the University of Southampton and a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science with honors from the University of Sussex.

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