This 1 hour interactive webinar will explain the lessons that NQA has learnt during the first year of assessments to the new 2015 standards.

Margaret and Richard will guide the audience through the highs and lows of the implementation of the new standard whilst providing top tips based on some of the best transitions they have seen. It is designed to aid those yet to transition to the new standard, whilst allowing those who have already transitioned to reflect on the last year and learn from some of the best management systems in the country.

The webinar will cover:

  • Reflection on year 1 of the 2015 standards
  • Lessons learnt on ISO 9001:2015
  • Lessons learnt on ISO 14001:2015
  • Key takeaways - How you can apply this to your organization
  • Brief Overview on ISO 45001 (expected 2017)
  • Interactive Q and A session

This will be an interactive webinar allowing you to ask Margaret and Richard any questions you may have whether that be on the new standards, the transition process itself with NQA or the highly anticipated ISO 45001 standard.

Should you have any questions you wish to submit beforehand please email


Margaret Rooney

Regional Assessor, NQA

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Margaret has been a Regional Assessor with NQA since 2008, specialising in QMS and EMS auditing. She has, more recently, been actively involved in helping assessors prepare for the ISO9001:2015 transition. Prior to joining NQA, Margaret spent 18 years at Cranfield University, where she completed a PhD in Quality Assurance, and progressed to Senior Lecturer. Responsibilities included development work in applying the principles of ISO9001 to services and public services, and course director of an MSc in Quality Management. She then spent seven years with the Environment Agency as an Environmental Management Advisor in the Anglian Region. Responsibilities included ensuring compliance to environmental legislation, and maintenance of the ISO14001 system at regional level.

Richard Walsh

Regional Assessor, NQA

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Richard has been a Regional Assessor with NQA since 2007, specializing in environment and energy management system assessing. He has recently been heavily involved in preparing NQA assessors and clients for the ISO14001:2015 transition.  Prior to joining NQA, Richard spent 12 years at environmental charity Groundwork, where has was responsible for environmental management training and consultancy. Whilst at Groundwork he completed his studies to become a Chartered Environmentalist. A mechanical engineer by trade,  Richard became a metallurgist in the automotive engineering sector prior to taking on a training and advisory role in the implementation of ISO9001. In 1994, when the first environmental management system (BS7750) was published, Richard became one of Groundwork’s first EMS advisors and was responsible for the training and mentoring of environmental management graduates.

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